FoF : Plays on Trapeze

We are Fight or Flight.  
We do plays on the trapeze; and we've been doing it since 2008.  

That’s the simplest way to put it.  We’re a group of Rocky Mountain-trained MFA-bearing actor/aerialists with a hankerin’ for visceral storytelling, imaginative staging, and a wee bit of irreverence.  We adore Theater and respect its great artists; but we will not hesitate to cut that Shakespeare joke about the “English Kersey” and the “French Velvet” if it’s not funny to a modern audience (Meas 1.ii).  We aim to break open great stories with innovative imagery, and elevate a piece’s poetry by literally elevating ourselves.  


Our Flight Captains 




Our Veterans


Artists With Whom We've Fought and Flown 

Dan Loeser // Vince Nappo // Keibpoli Calnek // Brent Rose // Khris Lewin // Danielle Slavick // Mat Hostetler // John Allore // Samanatha Corey // Whitney Madren // Lucius Robinson // Jenn Suchanec // Jade Arnold // Stef Daehler // Richard Theiriot // Jason Hall // John Pieza // Michael Fulvio // Gregg LeBlanc // Pierre Diennet // Justin Yorio // Bria Walker // Kendra Kohrt // Michael Mallard // Jenn LeBlanc // Bradford Shreve // William Norman // Nathan Cohen // Matt Dallow // Rob Hille // Robert Wells // Jenna Panther // Nick Abeel // John DiAntonio // Caitlin Wise // Lauren Berst // January LaVoy // Jillian LaVinka // John Hutton // Jason Henning // Laurence Curry // Justin Walvoord // Josh Coomer // Sean Lyons // Melissa Lyons // John Byrne Cook // Luis Guerrero // Traci Mears // Nick Staron // Jamie Hodgson // Sophia Rugo // Kate Law // Joanne Virginio // What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? // Ellie Steingraeber // Amazing Amy