FoF : Plays on Trapeze

5th Annual Kids' Show

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Today Fight or Flight had a wonderful time working with OWNCS. Eighty of their students rode buses from their school in Astoria, Queens to the new Muse aerial performing space in Brooklyn. The students and teachers had loved the old Muse venue, but everyone was blown away by the scale of the new space and the extensive renovations they had done to make it such a beautiful place to perform. Fight or Flight was excited to produce a show there for the first time, and definitely look forward to returning! 


FoF Kids Show regulars Dan Loeser, Jenna Panther and Nick Abeel joined newcomers Rob Hille and John Wright, performing our adaptations of short stories from the book The Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies. The students had studied the stories in class but were wowed to get to see interpretations of them on the trapeze. And for the first time in a Kids Show, Fight or Flight performed three poems authored by the students themselves. The kids cheered raucously in support of their classmates' work.

The day was coordinated by new FoF Education Director Khris Lewin, who also took part in the performance. If you know of any schools, teachers or parents who would like Fight or Flight to contact them about working with their school, FoF would love to hear from you. Khris can be contacted by email at: