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FoF Greek Myth Show - for Kids

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This spring, FoF performed our Annual Kids Show!  Past educational offerings have included original works, focused on subjects ranging from Euclidean Geometry to anthropomorphic trapezilogical dramatizations of the short story form. This year we adapted a series of Greek Myths into teachable pieces of trapeze theater.  Our educational mission is based on the idea that plays for kids (of all ages), while age-appropriate, should challenge students' expectations, never talk down to them.  The trapeze provides an opportunity for out-of-the-box thinking and hyper-transformational multi-dimensional metaphoric expression. Seriously. Kids who attend a Shakespeare performance are slumming in comparison. Our recent Greek Myths show ranged from movement pieces, 60 seconds in length, in which students were asked to 'Guess Which Myth,' (with entire theaters of kids crying out, "Ooo-- I know!" and reaching their hands in the air, hoping to get called upon to guess) all the way to 15-minute trapeze-based plays recounting entire sagas. Move over Romeo & Juliet-- who needs ya when we've got Cupid & Psyche?