FoF : Plays on Trapeze

We are Fight or Flight.  
We do plays on the trapeze; and we've been doing it since 2008.  

That’s the simplest way to put it.  We’re a group of Rocky Mountain-trained MFA-bearing actor/aerialists with a hankerin’ for visceral storytelling, imaginative staging, and a wee bit of irreverence.  We adore Theater and respect its great artists; but we will not hesitate to cut that Shakespeare joke about the “English Kersey” and the “French Velvet” if it’s not funny to a modern audience (Meas 1.ii).  We aim to break open great stories with innovative imagery, and elevate a piece’s poetry by literally elevating ourselves.  


Our Flight Captains 

Artistic Director, Founder

Artistic Director, Founder

Assoc. Artistic Director

Founder, Man of Letters

Director of Education

Our Veterans


Other Artists With Whom We've Fought and Flown 

Emily Walton // Phil Pickens // Driscoll Otto // Emily Goforth // John Clarence Stewart // Michael Rudko // Stephen Plunkett // Chad Goodridge // Vince Nappo // Keibpoli Calnek // Mat Hostetler // John Allore // Samanatha Corey // Whitney Madren // Lucius Robinson // Jenn Suchanec // Jade Arnold // John Pieza // Michael Fulvio // Gregg LeBlanc // Pierre Diennet // Justin Yorio // Bria Walker // Kendra Kohrt // Michael Mallard // Jenn LeBlanc // Bradford Shreve // William Norman // Nathan Cohen // Matt Dallow // Rob Hille // Robert Wells // Lauren Berst // January LaVoy // Jillian LaVinka // John Hutton // Jason Henning // Laurence Curry // Justin Walvoord // Josh Coomer // Sean Lyons // Melissa Lyons // John Byrne Cook // Luis Guerrero // Traci Mears // Nick Staron // Jamie Hodgson // Sophia Rugo // Kate Law // Joanne Virginio // What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? // Ellie Steingraeber // Amazing Amy